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What Types of Economizer Tubes Are There

There Are Mainly The Following Types of Economizer Tubes:

Cast iron economizer pipe: Consists of a series of horizontal cast iron pipes connected at both ends with cast iron elbows. This economizer tube is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, but has low strength and limited pressure-bearing capacity. It is usually suitable for small-capacity low-pressure boilers.
Steel tube economizer tube: It consists of a series of serpentine tubes arranged side by side, and is bent from a seamless steel tube with an outer diameter of 25 to 42 mm. This economizer tube has high strength and pressure-bearing capacity and is widely used in boilers of various capacities and pressures. According to different manufacturing materials, steel tube economizer tubes can be divided into SA-210C steel tubes and H-shaped fin tubes.
Plain tube economizer tube: made of ordinary seamless steel tube without special processing. This economizer tube has a simple structure and low manufacturing cost, but the heat transfer effect is poor and is usually only suitable for occasions with low heat transfer requirements.
Fin-type economizer tube: The outer surface of the seamless steel tube is welded or formed through special processing methods to form flaky heat dissipation fins, which increases the heat exchange area and improves the heat transfer efficiency. This kind of economizer tube is suitable for occasions with high heat transfer requirements.
In general, different types of economizer tubes have different characteristics and scope of use, and should be selected according to actual needs.

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