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What are the Requirements for the Use Environment of Preheating Tubes

The use environment of the preheating tube should meet the following requirements:

Temperature: The operating temperature of the preheating tube should comply with the manufacturer’s regulations and shall not exceed the maximum operating temperature. At the same time, temperature changes should be as small as possible to avoid thermal stress on the tubes.
Humidity: The humidity of the environment in which the preheating tube is used should be moderate, and avoid being too wet or too dry to avoid problems such as corrosion or drying and cracking of the tube.
Pressure: The operating pressure of the preheating pipe should comply with the design requirements and shall not exceed the rated working pressure. At the same time, the pressure in the pipeline should be ensured to be stable to avoid damage to the pipe caused by pressure fluctuations.
Medium: The type and nature of the medium in the preheating tube should meet the design requirements to avoid corrosion, wear and other damage to the tube. At the same time, the medium should be ensured to be clean to prevent impurities from entering the tube and causing blockage or damage.
Vibration and displacement: In the environment where the preheating tube is used, the effects of vibration and displacement on the tube should be avoided as much as possible to avoid damage or loosening of the tube.
Safety measures: Necessary safety measures should be taken in the environment where preheating pipes are used, such as installing safety valves, explosion-proof devices, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the pipes.
To sum up, the use environment of the preheating tube should meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, pressure, medium, vibration and displacement, and safety measures to ensure its normal, safe and stable operation. At the same time, in order to extend the service life of the preheating tube, regular cleaning and maintenance are required to keep the tube clean and intact.

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