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What are the Main Steps in the Production Process of Boiler Alloy Tubes

The production process of boiler alloy tubes mainly includes the following main steps:

Preparing the billet: Select high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel and other materials, and perform surface cleaning and trimming to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the billet.
Perforation: The steel billet is perforated through a perforation machine to form a hollow steel rod.
Rolling: The perforated steel bar is rolled in multiple passes to gradually reduce the pipe diameter and form a steel pipe with smooth wall.
Heat treatment: As needed, steel pipes are heat treated to obtain the required mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
Surface treatment: Surface treatment of steel pipes, such as polishing, pickling, coating, etc., to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.
Inspection and packaging: Finished steel pipes are inspected to ensure they comply with relevant standards and customer requirements, and are appropriately packaged and labeled.
The above are the main steps in the production process of boiler alloy tubes. The specific operations may vary depending on the production process and materials.

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