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What are Boiler Tubes and How are They Made

What are Boiler Tubes and How are They Made?

What are boiler tubes and how are they made? A boiler tube is a tube used in heating equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, super heaters, etc. Boiler tubes generally use high-temperature and high-pressure working environments, so they must have high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

What are Boiler Tubes and How are They Made

There are many ways to manufacture boiler tubes, common ones include cold drawing, hot rolling, cold bending, forging, welding, etc. Among them, the cold drawing method is one of the most common methods. After heating the round steel to a certain temperature, it performs seamless forming on a drawing machine. This method can obtain high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, and is suitable for manufacturing high-precision and high-standard boiler tubes. The hot rolling method is to heat the billet to a certain temperature, and then complete the manufacture of boiler tubes through processes such as rolling, shearing, forming, and cooling.

In general, the manufacture of boiler tubes needs to select appropriate materials and manufacturing methods according to different use environments and requirements to ensure product performance and quality.

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