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Phenomena, Causes and Treatment Methods of Boiler Tube Damage

Phenomena, Causes and Treatment Methods of Boiler Tube Damage:

Phenomena, causes and treatment methods of boiler tube damage? Let’s explain one by one.


The performance of boiler tube damage generally includes water leakage, tube burst, and tube wall corrosion.

Reasons: The main reasons for boiler tube damage are as follows:

1. Overheating and overcooling. If the boiler tube is overheated or low temperature is excessive, the tube wall will produce plastic deformation or stress structure change, resulting in brittle fracture of the tube wall.
2. Water intrusion. The deposition of gray water on the pipe wall is easy to cause corrosion, especially when the water quality is poor or the boiler is out of service.
3. Excessive internal pressure. This situation is usually caused by unreasonable boiler design or external impact.
4. Problems with the boiler itself. For example, improper water chemistry control or lack of adequate cleaning during operation can lead to problems such as corrosion, erosion and tube bursting of boiler tubes.

Phenomena, Causes and Treatment Methods of Boiler Tube Damage

Treatment method: After the boiler tube is damaged, it is necessary to take corresponding treatment measures in time:

1. Shut down for inspection and replace damaged tubes.
2. Strengthen the chemical treatment of boiler water to prevent internal corrosion.
3. Improve self-maintenance ability to avoid damage to the boiler due to improper operation.
4. During installation, use, etc., reduce the pressure of the stress-bearing parts as much as possible to avoid excessive load on the pipe wall.
5. Strengthen daily inspection and maintenance, regularly clean the pipes and inside the boiler to ensure safe operation of the boiler.

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