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Current Status of High Pressure Boiler Tubes

The production of high pressure boiler tubes
China is responsible for the statistics of the relevant agencies, the statistics of iron and steel products can not be calculated according to the comic, so according to the China Steel Association Steel Pipe Branch of the statistical system of the data inside the calculation. From the final data is not difficult to see that Chinese high-pressure boiler tube production in the year-on-year increase, which also reflects the large demand for high-pressure boiler tubes in China.

Chinese consumption of boiler tubes
For high pressure boiler tubes, its main consumer target is the manufacturer of high pressure boilers for thermal power generation, accounting for 85 percent of the high pressure boiler tubes. Followed by the maintenance and installation of some of the pipeline of thermal power stations, accounting for 10 percent of the high pressure boiler tubes. The remaining five percent of the oil used in the transport of the above, for other industries also involves the use of high pressure boiler tube situation, but because the texture and standards are different, they need to be calculated separately.
From the above data is clearly displayed. Thermal power demand for high-pressure boilers is very large, the vast majority of consumption comes from thermal power generation, but also the completion of the boiler with the installation time of the power plant is not on, so that China’s power plants need to import other countries Of the case of high pressure boiler tubes. Showing how much demand for high pressure boiler tubes in China.
Chinese high-pressure boiler tubes need a good balance
According to China’s import and export data in recent years, the proportion of imported foreign boiler tubes is rising. So the balance of the domestic supply of boiler tubes is particularly important, and a lot of money outflow, for us is a very serious phenomenon. We must speed up the sales balance of China’s high-pressure boiler tubes, and enterprises to contact, so that the boiler tube production enterprises and power plants for the joint.This is also the country should pay attention and focus.
Domestic high-pressure boiler tube technology behind
Now the domestic boiler tube in a development stage, the technical level has not yet reached the level of foreign technology, which is one of the reasons for the increase in imports. Now only a few factories in China can achieve a level and abroad. This is every business should pay attention to the point, increase the technical learning and equipment updates, as soon as possible to the international level.

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