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Boiler Tube

Boiler Tube Introduction:

The boiler tube is an important part connecting the steam boiler and the steam turbine. Its function is to transmit the high-temperature and high-pressure steam in the boiler to the steam turbine for power conversion. The boiler tube is mainly made of steel, and its interior is subjected to the impact and corrosion of water vapor under high temperature and pressure.

Boiler Tube

In the manufacturing process of boiler tubes, technical parameters such as material, size, and wall thickness need to be strictly controlled to ensure that they meet the pressure bearing capacity and service life under high temperature and high pressure. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to avoid defects during the processing and welding process, such as welding cracks, air inclusions, etc., to ensure the tightness and safety of the boiler tube.

Features of Boiler Tube:

The service life of boiler tubes is mainly related to the environmental factors such as temperature, pressure and corrosion. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are required during use, and potential problems can be found and dealt with in time to ensure the long-term safe operation of boiler tubes. Common maintenance measures include cleaning pipes, inspecting pipes for blockage or damage, replacing corroded or aged pipes, etc.

Boiler Tube

In general, the boiler tube is a very important connecting part between the steam boiler and the steam turbine, and its safety and stability play a vital role in the operation of the whole system. During the manufacture, installation and use of boiler tubes, full attention should be paid to their quality and safety impacts, and operations and maintenance should be carried out in strict accordance with relevant standards.

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