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Boiler Tube Import And Export Situation

(1) Boiler tubes are mainly imported countries are Japan, Germany. Often imported specifications are 15914.2mm; 2734.0mm; 219.110.0mm; 41975mm; 406.460mm and so on. The minimum size is 31.84.5mm, the length is generally 5 ~ 8m range.
(2) In the case of import claims, the ST45 seamless boiler tubes imported from the Mannesmann Steel Plant in Germany were found by ultrasonic inspection and found that the internal defects of a small number of steel pipes exceeded the requirements of the plant and the German Iron and Steel Association.

(3) Imported from Germany alloy steel pipe, steel mainly 34CrMo4 and 12CrMoV and so on. This high-temperature performance of steel pipe, commonly used as a high-temperature boiler with steel pipe.
(4) Japan imported more alloy tube, specifications are 426.012mm5 ~ 8m; 152.48.0mm12m; 89.110.0mm6m; 101.610.0mm12m; 114.38.0mm6m; 127.08.0mm9m and so on. Implementation of the Japanese industrial standard JISG3458 steel for the STPA25. This kind of steel pipe is often used as the supporting high temperature alloy tube.

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