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Boiler Tube in The Course of How To Use The Scale of Cleaning

The use of a period of time the boiler tube will inevitably lead to the reasons for the quality of water quality reasons, if we found that the boiler tube scale must be promptly cleaned, so that the effective prevention of boiler tube drums and leaks occurred.
There are two kinds of cleaning methods, one is the use of water for system flushing, the other is through the acid substances to clean the boiler tube.

The former is the use of water to pipe the inside of the pipeline to wash the residual sediment and long after the use of metal oxides, which can be washed out through the water, but must be formed in the fouling shortly after the use of this method, If the regular scale and workers cleaning time is relatively long, then these should be part of the intractable scale, the factory want to clear it, then we can use acid cleaning, corrosive hydrochloric acid and carbonic acid reaction After the effective removal of the boiler pipe scale.

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