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Boiler Tube Cleaning Methods

Boiler Tube Cleaning Methods

There are many methods for cleaning boiler pipes, among which chemical cleaning and physical cleaning are the most commonly used methods.

Chemical cleaning uses chemicals to react with dirt in the pipeline to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Commonly used chemicals include acids, alkalis, etc. Choose the appropriate agent according to the type of dirt in the pipeline. Chemical cleaning has the advantages of fast cleaning speed and good effect, but it requires strict control of the concentration and temperature of the agent, and attention must be paid to the corrosiveness of the agent to the pipeline.

Physical cleaning uses physical forces (such as mechanical force, electricity, ultrasonic waves, etc.) to remove dirt in pipelines. Commonly used physical cleaning methods include mechanical cleaning, high-pressure water cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc. Mechanical cleaning uses various cleaning brushes, balls and other tools to remove dirt on the inner walls of pipes; high-pressure water cleaning uses high-pressure water guns to spray water to remove dirt in pipes; ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic vibration and hot water to clean the inner walls of pipes. dirt. Physical cleaning has the advantages of less damage to pipelines and stable cleaning effects, but it requires selecting appropriate cleaning methods and tools for different dirt.

When cleaning boiler pipes, it is necessary to choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the actual situation and strictly abide by the safety operating procedures to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning process. At the same time, a detailed cleaning plan needs to be formulated before cleaning, including cleaning methods, chemical selection, tools and equipment, personnel arrangements, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of the cleaning work.

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